Books I'm Reading Now

Use this space to tell the group about other books you are reading or perhaps your "Top Ten" favorite books. I know I am always looking for good recommendations.

Alison Pendergast
Right now I am reading Wikinomics. It's a bit dense but interesting none the less. When I get more into it, I will post more about it.

Evan Girard
To my children: Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife
On my own: A Voluptuous God, a new book out by a friend of mine, Robert Thompson.

Rena Carney
Right now I am reading The Places In Between, Rory Stewart's account of his walk across Afghanistan.
Next on my list: A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini

For awhile I could not read enough about India and the history of India. I happened across an old copy of Far Pavilions which I had never read and THAT got me into reading everything I can about India. I am still obsessed with reading about India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. .
I hope we can keep this going and I apologize for not entering sooner.
Alison, thanks for inviting me to participate.